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Special Order Architectural Glass Through A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror of Las Vegas, Nevada

This article touches on some of the newest architectural glass we have available for both commercial & residential application.

We fancy ourselves glass connoisseurs here at A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror, only because we’ve had the pleasure of working with all types. From residential to commercial glass, it comes in all shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. Today, we’ll be talking about glass that doesn’t fit into the normal budget. We’ll be covering glass that is truly remarkable. While not everyone has the kind of budget that would allow for this type of extravagant custom glass, it’ still really cool to look at.

We work with some of the best custom glass manufacturers in the world, below you’ll find some of the newer products we carry here at A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror. While we might not carry them in stock, they’re always available through special order.

Caldera Glass – Revolutionary Glass for any Design Challenge

Caldera Glasstops - Bar Top, Table Top Glasstop Textured Glass

Caldera Glasstops – Bar Top, Table Top Glasstop Textured Glass

Caldera Glasstops are formed into the bottom surface of 2” thick kiln formed glass. Hundreds of small, circular air bubbles float throughout the glass, as if frozen in time. The circular edges use a smooth, “Satin” texture, to create contrasting surfaces. A matching shell textured edge is also available, as well as highly polished clear edges. Caldera glasstops are custom made for use as furniture glass tops, they can be produced in 1.5” thick to 4” thick glass. Suitable for any applications like glass tops, bar tops, or any other table top. For more information, contact one of your professional glass representatives here at A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror. To view the color options that are available for the Caldera glasstops, visit the link below.

Echo Glass – Casts Waves on the Walls Behind the Panels

Echo Glass - Textured Specialty Glass

Echo Glass – Textured Specialty Glass

Echo Glass panels illuminate, casting beautiful wave patterns on surfaces of anything behind the glass panel. A truly remarkable mystery of physics, light’s dual nature as both particle and wave. Echo’s rippling undulations brilliantly capture, recast and reflect light. Just as sunlight moves through crystal-clear ocean or lake water, these stunning decorative panels create the impression of movement in stillness – and of stillness in movement.

The manufacturer of Echo Glass customized their molds to create a bold but organic pattern that – overcoming the usual restraints of kiln fusion – continues seamlessly from panel to panel. By using “sacrificial glass” that absorbs the mold’s texture before being removed and recycled, they were able to create an absolutely smooth surface to magnify the effect of the waves.

Echo Glass panels are used to create open-air privacy sound screens. These panels also define and partition rooms while enriching natural light, and creating a jewel-like feature in any space. Echo Glass is fully safety tempered, with a 5/8” pattern depth, and smooth monolithic polished edges. Echo glass delivers an elegant aesthetic design solution without sacrificing ambient daylight penetration. It will amplify light sources, uses light more efficiently, and casts beautiful wave patterns on surfaces behind the panel. For more information or to purchase Echo Glass for your architectural construction, give us a call today for more information – (702) 643-9785.

The previous products above are just a few samples of some of the beautiful glass products that are available through A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror of Las Vegas, Nevada. Check back with us later for more updates regarding our new glass products.


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