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A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror can help you to keep your commercial storefront up to standard and in compliance with commercial building code. Whether it’s a simple commercial glass repair or a full blown commercial storefront reinstallation, we’ve got you covered. It’s quite common to see wear and tear within a commercial storefront or commercial windows. Like everything else, it is subject to the environmental elements and will start to deteriorate and degrade at or around the 5-year mark. How fast things start to fall apart and degrade depends on the quality of materials as well as the quality of craftsmanship.  

It’s extremely important that you keep your storefront both functional and efficient. We recommend that you start requesting commercial check-ups and/or tune-ups for your commercial building after the 5th year from it being installed. It’s a great habit to get into. More often than not, we get customers who could have saved themselves a lot of money if they would have just had their commercial location inspected and maintained. Here at A Cutting Edge Glass & mirror we provide all types of commercial glass repair. We’re a one-stop-shop service for all your glass needs!


Commercial Glass Repair, Storefront Structural Audit Check-up

Don’t buy that commercial property, or rent that mall front until you’ve had A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror out to inspect it. We see this all the time. Give us a call today and we’ll come out to audit and inspect the commercial properties storefront, window systems, and any other components. It might just end up saving you in the long run, especially if you’re buying the location. You wouldn’t buy a car without first having a mechanic out to inspect it. So, why would you buy or rent a commercial storefront without first having it inspected? We offer all types of commercial glass repair service, we’re proficient, fast, and are a leader within the local glass industry. A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror has decades of commercial glass experience and are here to serve you!

What Components Will Start to Degrade and/or Deteriorate in a Commercial Property or Storefront

Your commercial storefront or commercial building must be maintained and kept up to building code & standard. While your storefront or windows may look great at the five-year mark, be sure to have a professional Glazier out to do an inspection. The leading problem here in Las Vegas is vinyl seals. As we are all very aware of, Las Vegas has the hot sun. The UV rays can wreak havoc on just about anything and everything. It’s especially tough on plastics and vinyl seals. Your commercial storefront and every window is insulated or sealed with vinyl. While it’s a very durable product, it will deteriorate over time. When your vinyl seals start to fail, you’ll start to experience water leaks, air leaks, and overall poor operation. This can be avoided with regular inspections and commercial glass repair. Other problems such as inadequate caulking, closure mechanisms, metal oxidization and even structural failures are quite common too. Below you’ll find some additional problems that can occur in commercial properties.

All in all, it’s ideal that you have a professional Glazier from a reputable commercial glass company come out to inspect and handle all your commercial glass repair services. Believe it or not, there is a difference between commercial and residential glass. Here at A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror, we have separate divisions for commercial and residential.

Aluminum (metal) in contact with concrete – It’s a sure-fire way to expedite metal oxidization within your commercial storefront. Ideally, there should be a 3/8 in. gap between concrete and metal storefront/window components. Caulking is then used to fill the remaining 3/8” gap.

Commercial Door and Storefront Door Systems –  This system is by far subject to the most wear and tear over time. Whether you have a simple glass door, double door, or a traditional storefront system. It will be used frequently and will degrade over time. Keeping this system running effectively and efficiently is very important for both functional and safety reasons.

Door Closers, hardware, vinyl seals and moving parts tend to degrade quicker than static components such as windows. Your commercial storefront doors need to be inspected, maintained and repaired the most. How your customers enter and exit your business is important. We’re sure you don’t want them to have trouble coming in and out, or worse, getting hurt while doing so. Wind and other environmental elements can cause problems if your commercial door is functioning correctly. Also, keep in mind that storefronts are required to be ADA compliant. The Department of Justice (DOJ) published the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design in September 2010. Your commercial property needs to be accessible to people who are disabled. A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror will inspect and insure that your commercial establishment is functioning properly and is in ADA compliance.

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