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Sneeze Guards

sneeze-guardIdeal for Buffets and Countertops, Sneeze Guards help keep your food safe and clean.

A sneeze guard is a Plexiglas shield, surrounding three sides of a display case, that protects merchandise from contamination by customer contact.

Sneeze Guards (sometimes referred to as food guards) and Food Shields protect food from people sneezing and their breath zone. Sneeze guards generally fall into to categories: Full service and self-service.

Full service sneeze guards restrict the access of food by people. These guards typically have metal or glass top shelf’s for plated food which is prepared and handled by food service workers.

Selfe-service sneeze guards (commonly used in salad and salsa bars) typically have slanted glass barriers, protecting the food from peoples breath zones, thus protecting the food.

Both self-service and full service guards can be combined in a food service facility to suit the needs of the restaurant/dining establishment.