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Glass Education Videos

General Glass Knowledge & Information


How to Cut Laminated Glass

This webisode introduces you to the Tempered Glass product type. BJ, one of the owners here at A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror and Byron (employee) demonstrate the unique characteristics that Tempered Glass is known for. Tempered Glass is considered a type of safety glass and is defined by its overall reinforced strength and constitution. Tempered glass is treated by heat and chemicals which increase its strength. This treatment allows it to endure force unlike traditional glass products. It can still break, but it’s much stronger than other man-made glass types. Another unique quality of Tempered glass is the way it breaks. Upon breaking it will fracture into small pebble sized pieces compared to normal glass, which breaks into large and dangerous shards. These qualities make Tempered Glass very popular in both residential and commercial applications. Especially when safety is a concern and/or priority.



What is Tempered Glass?

The team here at A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror created this section for our Las Vegas community. We’re here to help! Just like any industry, we constantly receive questions. Over the years these questions have become pretty repetitive. This section is our effort to answer and remedy the frequent questions we receive. This section isn’t just an FAQ though. Our objective is to create a library that empowers our customers to make informed decisions about the products we work with. Eventually, this section will be a place to get design ideas, quick tips and tricks, find out what you can do with glass both creatively and architecturally, and a place to showcase some of our featured projects. If it pertains to glass, we’ll try to cover it.

Please keep in mind though, glass can be dangerous. We understand that if given the proper working respect it deserves, it can truly be used in amazing ways. Do you have any additional comments or questions? Please give us a call at (702) 643-9785 to speak with a glass professional.



Custom Residential Glass Shower Door Enclosure Video Information



Introduction to Frameless Shower Door Enclosure Systems

A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror is your expert authority online when it comes to both residential & commercial glass concepts. With decades of glass experience and understanding. In this video segment, you’ll see BJ explain the differences between the various types of frameless shower door enclosure systems. He will also educate the homeowners on a few important pre-shower installation concepts. Helping you to understand what you should be mindful of before calling your local glass professional. Here at A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror we install all types of custom glass & glass shower door enclosure systems. If you’re a local here in Las Vegas, Nevada and are in need of a glass professional, feel free to give us a call to schedule an onsite consultation – (702) 643-9785.

Glass Shower Door Enclosure Care, Maintenance, and Cleaning Recommendations

Your brand new glass shower door enclosure looks amazing right after installation, but how will it look in 3 months, 9 months or even 3 years down the road? This section focuses on the guidelines and recommendations for long term cleaning and maintenance of your brand new shower door enclosure. Our tips are quick and simple and if followed correctly will guarantee a long and beautiful life span for your new shower/tub door installation.



How to Replace your Poly-Carbonate Shower Door Strikes

A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror of Las Vegas, Nevada is your source for all types of custom glass and glass accessories. A common question we are asked about is the replacement of the polycarbonate strikes located at both the right and left sides of a shower door there’s also a strike that resides at the bottom too. In this video, we address this common question. BJ, one of the owners here at A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror explains what a strike is, how you can replace it, as well as how you can obtain new strikes from us here in town. Polycarbonate Strikes tend to become worn, torn, and discolored after years of use within your shower door enclosure system. We understand that a worn-out strike can add years to the aesthetic looks of your shower. By replacing your strikes, you’ll drastically improve both the functionality and aesthetics of your shower door enclosure system. The first signs of a worn-out strike tend to start with a yellowish discoloration, it may even start to leak not long after the discoloration occurs. Give us a call today to get additional information, or just come on down and we’ll be happy to help you with all your residential and commercial glass needs!



Introduction to Stik Stall & Designer Style Shower Door Enclosure Systems

Stik Stall (Track Style) and Designer Shower Door Enclosure Options

Understanding what’s available and on the market, is part of getting exactly what you want in your bathroom remodel or upgrade. Helping you to achieve this goal is why we’re here. A Cutting Edge Glass and Mirror is your source for all types of custom shower door enclosure systems. In this webisode BJ takes you through some of the core concepts and design styles you’ll be able to choose from when considering a new shower enclosure system. This episode focuses in on Stik Stall and designer glass doors.

When it comes to glass, your options are as broad as the horizon. We have custom colors, styles, textures and tints that are sure to tickle your fancy. We pride ourselves on providing you with a premium product and outstanding customer service. Give us a call today to speak with one of our residential glass professionals. Who knows, you just might speak with one of the owners.



Commercial Glass Information & Education Video



Introduction to the Commercial Storefront Aluminum Frame System

In this video, produced by A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror we break down the elements of a complete commercial storefront. Showing you each element in detail. By watching this video, you will be able to correctly identify the various elements of your own commercial storefront. This brief presentation will enable you to become a knowledgeable commercial business owner. This will also allow you to convey any problems or issues to your commercial glass company should a problem arise. If you learn something and find this video helpful, please leave a comment explaining your situation and how we have helped you. A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror is Las Vegas, Nevada’s authority in the commercial & residential glass industry. We pride ourselves on educating our customers, helping our customers understand what we do and demonstrating why we’re the best.

The architectural design of a commercial storefront demands constant innovation and change in order to stay relevant. A Cutting Edge Glass and Mirror, Inc. works closely with every architect to ascertain which finishes best match the flexibility and aesthetic necessities of every job. Our goal is to provide a glass storefront solution that appeals to your customers for many years to come.

The primary objective of a commercial storefront would be to reach a balance between structural endurance while accentuating its curb appeal qualities and attractiveness. Anodized finishes attain both of those, providing many years of care free durability and are designed for curtain wall systems, along with both front and center load.