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Below you’ll find a time-lapse video that demonstrates our security screen installation process. Further down the page you’ll find additional information about these amazing security products. Our Guarda Security Screens are designed for both commercial & residential application.

 Security Screen Installation Time-lapse – Anthem Community



Security Stacking with Guarda Security Screens

As the title implies, security stacking is just that. Adding additional security measures or countermeasures to your residential or commercial property’s security system. Instead of opting to build an archaic moat & drawbridge system. We recommend something a little more 21st century. While the moat would be a site to behold, we don’t think the HOA would approve. What they would approve of though is a custom Guarda Security Screen installation. The Security Screens combined with your alarm system of choice is what we call Security Stacking. With both in place, you have a comprehensive and modern security solution. While the Guarda Security Screens prevent intrusion and the traditional alarm system is in place to notify the authorities in case of a successful penetration. We’re confident that the Guarda Security Screens will almost make your alarm system obsolete. If you haven’t had a chance to see them in action, we strongly recommend that you look at this demonstration video. You’ll see why we’re so confident in these modern security marvels.

Do You Currently Own a Home with Security Bars?

If you own a residential home or commercial business that currently has those hideous wrought iron security bars installed, give us a call today to speak with one of our representatives about upgrading your existing preventative security measure. We’re sure we can make your house beautiful once again. Unless you like looking like cell block 7. It’s up to you. We have beautiful and affordable modern preventative security solutions that come in wide range of colors. We’ll help you pick out a style and color of Guarda Security Screen that will match and compliment your home’s aesthetics. Give us a call today for more information or to schedule a free on-site consultation. A Cuting Edge Glass & Security Screens is your source for Guarda Security Screens within Las Vegas, Nevada.

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