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Glass Thickness

1/16″ glass is also referred to as single strength or SSB (single strength billet) and is most commonly used for small windows and picture frames.

1/8″ glass is commonly referred to as double strength or DSB (double strength billet) and the most common uses are for windows and larger picture frames.

3/16″ glass is sometimes referred to as crystal and is used for larger residential windows and in commercial storefront applications.

1/4″ glass or ‘plate glass,’ is most commonly used for shelving, as a protective top on furniture, as table tops, and in larger windows.

3/8″ glass is commonly used on small tables and is used as shelving to give a more elegant look.

1/2″ glass is used on mid-sized and large tables.

3/4″ glass is used on the largest table tops.

1″ glass is available most of the time and is used primarily on large table tops.

Glass in excess of 1″ is available on a special order basis.