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Plexiglass and Lexan Windows

Plexiglas® and Lexan® are trade names for acrylic and polycarbonate sheet.  Each respectively has unique properties and are used for specific reasons, but both are considered safety glass when used in glazing.

Both brands can be custom cut and are available up to 1” thick.  Plexiglas® and Lexan® can also be shaped and drilled for various fastening options.  Thinner sheets can be bent for curved applications, offering flexibility and safety which is ideal for RV’s, patio tables, boats and other outdoor uses.

Plexiglas® and Lexan® come in a wide range of colors and textures.


What is Acrylic Glass?

Acrylic is essentially a thermoplastic. It is derived from natural gas, turned into a clear, watery white liquid, heated to form a transparent solid shape – nearly any solid shape. Acrylics are then manufactured into large sheets, rods, tubes, profiles and specific shape designs.

Acrylic comes in a range of standard sheet sizes and thickness, from which we can easily custom-cut to your specifications.

The “new” raw material of the future…

Versatile, lightweight yet strong, acrylic lends itself to a wide variety of building and design applications; end products include: skylights, storm windows, shower stalls, partitions, lighting diffusers, railings, picture framing of every size, protective coverings for museum-quality art preservation, aquarium tanks, infrared windows, retail casing and displays, architectural and vehicle glazing, noise insulation, lenses, pediatric incubators, advertising displays, outdoor signs and on and on.


Acrylic offers enhanced properties over land-derived materials such as wood…

  • Acrylic can withstand drilling, sawing, routing and machinery applications, which then can be decorated and silkscreened.
  • Acrylic, a thermoplastic, can be heated for molding into any shape.
  • The surface hardness of acrylic is equivalent to brass or copper.
  • Its surface resistance to outdoor elements such as moisture and weathering make plexiglass acrylic a reliable insulator.
  • Unlike other plastics, acrylic will not yellow due to sun exposure.
  • Acrylic portrays the highest optical transparency achievable, with a 92% white light transmittance.


Polycarbonate Glass – Lexan

A high-impact, architectural super star

Tough, optically transparent, break-resistant, Lexan polycarbonate surpasses all other thermoplastics for glazing use, safety and strength.

Polycarbonate is a non-toxic polycarbonate thermo resin. The liquid polymer forms when bisphenol A reacts with carbonyl chloride. Uncoated sheets are then heat- or cold-formed.


Polycarbonate Versatility and Features

To really understand the superiority of this thermoplastic, consider these products made from polycarbonate: helmets, face shields, airplane and ship portholes, instrument components and electrical insulators – too name just a few. It’s the choice for safety, thermal protection, security, clarity and strength. Standard polycarbonate sheets even have built-in forced entry protection.

  • Polycarbonate sheets are lightweight.
  • Polycarbonate withstands temperatures from -40 degrees F to 280 degrees F.
  • Standard polycarbonate sheets are UV stable.
  • Polycarbonate earns the highest plastics code compliance for light-transmission.
  • High-impact properties make polycarbonate virtually unbreakable.
  • Polycarbonate sheets offer superior sound insulation.
  • Surfaces can be paintedprinted or metalized.

Polycarbonate building uses include

Domed structures, glass roofing, balconies and railings as well as high-pressure (bullet resistant) and high-temperature windows. Creative applications for vertical structures, make Lexan a prized material in the architect’s toolkit.


Ordering Polycarbonate Sheets

Comes in standard sheet size: 4’x8′. Other sizes available upon request.

Sheet thickness options are: 1/8″ and 1/4″ in stock, other thickness available up on request. .030″, .040″, .060″, .093″, .118″, .177″, .220″, .236″, .375″, .500″

Available Colors:

Clear, P95 Frosted (White Frosted), Gray, Graylite, and Bronze and Light Green

P95 Frosted (White Frosted):Acrylic Sheet P95 Clear has a matte finish that reduces reflected light. It has excellent ink and paint retention. The perfect choice for hot-stamping, silk-screening, and vinyl sign-making. Use for privacy windows, pantry and cupboard doors. Obscures objects behind it, yet let lights through. Very decorative with backlighting. Makes attractive signage.