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We Live in Las Vegas, Nevada! At some point we’re pretty sure you’ve considered tinting your vehicle, residential home and/or your commercial businesses windows. Tinting your windows is an intelligent and inexpensive option to keeping a specific area at a desired temperature. Whether it be your automotive vehicle, building or home. Window tinting can save you money by lowering energy bills, as well as help in promoting a comfortable environment for you, your family, or employees. So what should you know about window tinting before you contract a company to provide their services? This article breaks down the process and what you can expect from a professional window tinting company.

I Found a Bubble or Bubbles in My Window Tint?

I’ve found a few bubbles in my window tint. The company I hired just finished up with the installation and after inspection I’ve found a few imperfections. Please understand that these are very common concerns and there are solutions. There actually is a widely accepted amount of imperfection regarding bubbles of a type and size. Some bubbles are caused by water being trapped in between the tint and the window, which will actually dry and disappear. Some bubbles are simply air-based and can be easily be pressed out. Basically there is an acceptable amount of imperfection vs. something that was done poorly.

The trained professionals here at A Cutting Edge Glass will show you the acceptable amount of imperfection, prior to even installing your window tint. We’ll show you what common bubbles look like and how long you can expect these imperfections to last.

Make sure to view our commercial, residential & automotive window tint FAQ for more details about what to expect with your new window tint installation. View it here…


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