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Glass Edgework


When glass is cut it leaves a razor sharp edge on the top and bottom of the glass. A Cutting Edge Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers a number of edge finishes to meet your design requirements: 

The top and bottom edges of the glass are sanded, giving it a smooth, safe edge.

Polishing gives the glass edge a finished surface. A satin polished edge produces a low luster. For glass 3/8″ and above, a high-luster edge is generally requested, making the edge almost as smooth as the top of the glass.

Flat polish
This is the most common edge finish. The edge is ground at 90 degrees to the top surface of the glass and is finished with a satin or high luster finish.  A flat polish has an “arias” (45 degree surface to remove sharpness from the glass) which shouldn’t be confused with a beveled edge.

Beveled Edge
The face of the glass or mirror edge is ground off, giving it a decorative look. Most bevels are ½” or 1″. These are the most common, however, several other widths are available.

Mitered Edge
Mitering is grinding the edge of the glass or mirror at a prescribed angle, such as a 45 angle. Two 45 degree miters could be put together to produce a 90 degree mitered corner (un-mitered glass would meet in a “butted” corner).