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Insulated Window Glass

Insulated glass is generally called double pane glass and it is built by joining two bits of glass together using a margin spacer that’s subsequently covered to make an air-tight part. Most new dwellings are built using insulated glass within the doorway and window programs.


Double pane glass produces “dead air-space” between both bits of glass that provides considerable insulating qualities making them a lot more energy-efficient than single-pane windows. Usually, the larger the area between both bits of glass, the greater insulation they provide. This padding also functions like a sound barrier that may hold your house or workplace a nice surroundings.


A Cutting Edge Glass and Mirror, Inc. holds many different items to be used within your house or workplace, for example low-e glass, internal grids, colored, obscure and powerful glass, which could be constructed in your window openings.


Double pane windows are available in several sizes, shapes as well as colors. Our glaziers will scrutinize your window and visit your house and therefore the existing glass will be matched by the replacement glass ascertain the form, size and color.




Replace Insulated Window Glass


Insulated glass is produced by placing a spacer between two panes of glass and sealing the edges of the unit. The air is trapped between the two pieces of glass and acts as an insulator to reduce the rate at which heat and cold can travel through the unit.


This application is mostly used in situations where the glass unit acts as a barrier separating the indoors from outdoors. Almost all of the glass units used on the outside walls of residential and commercial units are insulated. This reduces temperature transfer and helps save energy. Substitute one of the two pieces of glass with a low E Glass and you dramatically slow heat transfer even further.


Insulated glass units last for a very long time, but the seal between the two panes of glass some times do fail. This causes the inner surface between the two pieces of glass to fog up. This of course does not look good but more importantly an insulated unit with a broken seal looses its insulating properties and temperature transfer between the two sides of the glass happens more readily. If this happens, in most cases only the glass portion of the window can be changed, leaving the frame intact.


In case of an accident where only one pane of the glass breaks, the entire insulated glass unit needs to be replaced. Replacement of an insulated glass unit is normally not a DIY project and requires experience. Here in A Cutting Edge Glass and Mirror, we can measure, fabricate and install your insulated glass unit in record time.


We understand that sometimes you need more information before you are ready for scheduling a project and we are here to help. Please provide us with the following information about your window and we can help you price the project to some extend.


  • Size of the glass within the frame
  • Location and accessibility of the unit (first floor or second floor etc..)
  • Presence or absence of grids. This is the decorative plastic piece inside the unit.
  • Overall thickness of the insulated glass unit.
  • Finally, we need to know if the glass is tempered. In most residential houses insulated glass units are not tempered unless they are on a door or next to a door.




Window Glass Replacement


Broken Window? Fogged window? Old window? Save time and money by replacing only your broken or fogged glass and not the entire frame. A Cutting Edge Glass and Mirror professionals can replace only the broken glass in the frame, saving you the expense of replacing the entire frame.


Older glass can also be updated with improved, money saving, Low E Glass technology which will help reduce your heating and cooling expense even further. A few years ago Low E Glass technology was considered to be a refinement of living rather than a necessity. But with the Increasing utility costs, Low E glass is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Considering the fact that most of temperature exchange is through the windows, one of the most recession-proof home improvements is considered to be an upgrade to Low E glass.


Those fogged windows around your home are much more than just an unsightly seen. They are visual proof that your insulated glass is not insulating anymore, allowing much more than just the winter view to come into your home. Professionals in A Cutting Edge Glass and Mirror can make your windows as energy efficient as they were when they were new.